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Here we explained the alphabets on Rhymezone and Nursery Rhymes with Playing Items, eatable Items, Flowers, fruits, vegetables, and animals. 

A for Apple and A for Akita, 
B for Basketball and B for Baboon, 
C for Cake and C for Camel, 
D for Donuts and D for Deer, 
E for Eggs and E for Eagle, 
F for Frogs and F for Fig, 
G for Grapes and G for Giraffe, 
H for Horse and H for Helicopter, 
I for Ice-creams and I for Insect, 
J for Juice and J for Jasmine flower, 
K for Kiwi fruit and K for Kudu, 
L for Lemon and L for Leopard, 
M for Mango and M for Macaw, 
N for Nuts and N for Nadira Leaves, 
O for Orange and O for Octopus, 
P for Parrot and P for Peanuts, 
Q for Queen and Q for Quail, 
R for Rabbit and R for Rhombus, 
S for Strawberry and S for Scorpion, 
T for Tomato and T for Tortoise, 
U for Umbrella and U for Umbrella bird
V for Vulture and V for Vaccine, 
W for Watermelon and W for Wolf, 
X for Xylophone and X for Xerox, 
Y for Yo-Yo and Y for Yellow Color, 
Z for Zebra and Z for Zebra Shark.

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