Kids Nursery Rhymes on Colors

Shading or coloring is common for human visual recognition depicted through shading classes with names, for example, Red Color, Orange Color, Yellow Color, Green Color, Blue Color and Purple Color. In Kids nursery rhymes on colors, we explained nursery rhymes on colors. Kids or Children or Toddlers or Pre-schoolers can learn Colors through Fruits, vegetables, Toys, Animals, Ice-creams, Cakes, Soccer balls, Footballs, Wooden probes, Donuts, Balloons, Santa clauses, Cupcakes, Cookies, Bowling balls, Trains, Aeroplanes, Eggs, Traffic signals, Gift boxes, Lollypops, and Snowmen.

Learn Colors For Children with Magic Hat & Balloons | Kids Educational songs | Kids nursery rhymes  | Kids Songs


Generally, kids learn to point out colors by 18 months. Of course the name different colors by the age of 2.5 to 3 years. However, it is frustrating teaching kids colors for parents as it not as easy as other teaching processes like teaching numbers. 

Some kids can speak numbers one to 10 easily and few alphabets also, but when it comes to colors identification they get confused. If you teach your child to identify a toy or a shoe or a vehicle they reciprocate very well. But, when it comes to color it is so complicated for them since it is an abstract concept. 

Parents should start teaching colors to their child as early as they are two years old. Children usually love bright colors so, parents better start their kids teaching colors with basic colors like red, green, yellow, and blue. 

Let them understand the concept of these basic colors. After absorbing them well then continue teaching additional colors. To stimulate them in this color environment somewhat tedious task and it needs a lot of patience.

According to students, there is the great influence of music in the child’s development so parents should get their child some animated songs and nursery rhymes teaching colors and show them in your presence. Kids tend to remember rhymes easily as it provides the practical example at their best.

Kids Nursery Rhymes on Colors with Magic Hat & Balloons :

In our kid’s nursery rhymes, we develop simple concepts for teaching colors as it gives a lot of pleasure for kids, toddlers, preschooler as they are easily engaged with these concepts as it contains some funny animals, beautiful props, exotic locations.


In a beautiful park, a rabbit enters with dejected mood and walks slowly as she is feeling bitter. Rabbit ignores falling of soccer ball, and some carrot she keeps on waking, suddenly a hat falls heavily in front of the rabbit, shocked by this fall rabbit bents back and slowly observes what is inside the balloon.

First, the red color balloon pops out from the hat and goes on air. Next, the blue color balloon pops out from the hat and it goes on air. Later the yellow color balloon pops out from the hat and it goes on air and it keeps on dancing.

And Again after the green color balloon pops out from the hat and it goes on air and it keeps on dancing.

Next, the purple color balloon pops out from the hat and it goes on air and it keeps on dancing. After Next, the orange color balloon pops out from the hat and it goes on air and it keeps on dancing

Next, the brown color balloon pops out from the hat and it goes on air and it keeps on dancing. Next, the pink color balloon pops out from the hat and it goes on air and it keeps on dancing

Finally, the rabbit hops and dances crazily and picks the hat with her hand walks away with style.


In our kid’s nursery rhymes,  we create color concepts with a lot of patience. Since kids love balloons, hats and also cherishes watching some funny acts of animals like rabbit, deer, mouse etc. 

So, in kids nursery rhymes, we select rabbit and balloons as our source of teaching colors in an interesting way to grab their attention to get them educated in colors like, red, green, yellow, blue, brown, orange, purple, and pink.

The Colors Song for Children with Snowman: Cartoons Colors For Kids Toddlers | Kids Nursery Rhymes  | Kids Songs


There is so much conflicting about how to teach colors for kids or whether to teach just sit back and watch them play. Parents should understand children always behaviors better when they were mentally challenged by a learning activity. When we have free time play all the day there is more peers rivalry. 

Kids need to play and pretend. It is also great for them to be taught by the knowledge of colors in small doses even as toddlers. Learning colors coincide with child’s cognitive development and their ability to sort out colors normally begins to take shape at 18 months. 

The first step to learning colors is matching them. Parents should encourage their children by matching them in blocks. The next step to learning colors is point colors. Then naming colors is essential in the and is the most important step. However, your child may not be able to learn naming colors until they are about 3 years old. 

Kids Nursery Rhymes on Color Concepts: 

Nursery rhymes are very important in children color concept educations kids songs are also very important for color education and the color concept videos do a lot of help for kids. 


In a Christmas season, two deer dressed like Santa clause walks with style. Suddenly one snowball rolls towards their way and another tiny snowball follow. With shock both deer stop their walk and watches curiously. 

After some time big deer kicks the snowballs one by one until they form like Santa Clause. Little deer paints with red color and as soon as becomes red, the muffler and the cap falls from the top and the snowball appears like red Santa clause, by seeing this little deer dances and big deer watches with awe. 

Next they both color the snowballs with blue and muffler and cap falls from the top and it becomes the blue snowman. And they both get excited After, they both color the snowballs with green and muffler and cap falls from the top and it becomes the green snowman. 

Then, they both colored the snowballs with yellow and muffler and cap falls from the top and it becomes the yellow snowman. And they both get excited Next, they both color the snowballs with purple and muffler and cap falls from the top and it becomes the purple snowman.After they both get excited. 

Next, they both color the snowballs with orange and muffler and cap falls from the top and it becomes the orange snowman, and they both get excited next they both color the snowballs with brown and muffler and cap falls from the top and it becomes the brown snowman, and they both get excited.

Next they both color the snowballs with pink and muffler and cap falls from the top and it becomes the pink snowman. Then, they both get excited Finally with all snowballs becomes different color snowmen and them forms a gallery with both deer standing aside. 


In our kid’s nursery rhymes, our aim is to motivate children to learn colors in this process, our kids nursery rhyme channel provides some entertainment to the kids, toddlers, preschoolers by creating some humor in our color concepts so, in kid’s nursery rhymes, we have decided to take Santa clause and snowman as our teaching tools, since kids like Santa and snowballs. By watching this whole episode child gets entertained and also educated about different colors of daily life.

Learn Colors with Rabbit Soccer Ball | Surprise Eggs | Ice Creams | Kids Nursery Rhymes | Kids Songs


When teaching the colors to your children, pre-schoolers, toddlers, we are able to use an identical technique as teaching alternative skills. We have to supply lots of exposure in a very completely different approach. 
The exposure ought to be the tie into their everyday lives. One such example is, whereas we tend to square measure teaching concerning the colors of the rainbow, we tend to raise the youngsters to contribute by conveyance of things from home.
We, then create a colorful color chart that everybody participates in. These active learning activities provide most of takes place as pre-schoolers, toddlers, children walk around the wheel and check out the matching colors and their square measure numerous strategies that youngsters easily get attracted and concentrates a lot of on colors topic. 
One such learning technique is color construct videos that square measure designed with different animals and completely different food things to create them sit and learn colors whereas having the kid’s nursery rhymes and colors construct videos can play the foremost role in children, toddler, pre-schoolers lifestyle.

Kids Nursery Rhymes on Colors with Rabbit:

In our nursery rhymes, we tend to produce videos to create child’s early education lifetime of learning completely different colors straightforward and sleek approach Children love to look completely different vehicles and their sounds. 
With our kid’s nursery rhymes, we tend to detain mind multiple interests of youngsters and those ideas that hold the concentration levels of youngsters, pre-schoolers, toddlers. Kids, pre-schoolers, toddlers conjointly love the different animals and their actions. 
So, in our kid’s nursery rhymes, we tend to like to combine these 2 parts in our colors construct videos to create them sit and revel in and learn, color ideas in a very distinctive approach.


One red color rabbit plays with the ball close to the railway track. Suddenly one red color train comes with carrying one red color surprise egg.
By miff color surprise egg, red color rabbit kicks the ball towards red color surprise egg.the ball breaks the surprise egg and also the red color is frozen dessert comes out of it.then the red color rabbit jumps to the bogie wherever red color froze dessert lands and thumps her hand with joy.
This concept of kicking the ball and breaking the surprise egg follows in numerous colors like blue Color, orange color, purple color, green color, yellow color, brown color, pink color.


In our kid’s narrative, we tend to develop the construct of the ball, rabbit, surprise egg, train, ice cream. Children like to see rabbits enjoying. And the children like to go trains and look running trains. With the ball, children like to play and have the fun whereas kicking it.
Children like to eat completely different color ice creams. 
So, in our kid’s narrative, we tend to produce around these topics to induce most attention from kids, toddlers, pre-schoolers. Color construct ensemble with train, surprise egg, ice cream, ball, and the rabbit can create lots of interest for youths, toddlers, pre-schoolers and that they square measure able to concentrate and learn colors.

Learn Colors with Animals Road Crossing | Kids Nursery Rhymes | Kids Songs


Parents often worry about their child’s inability to recognize colors.  Before worrying about kids colors-naming ability you must understand how complicated the topic of colors is for your young child.  If you want your toddlers exposed active learning of colors by using the puzzles and games to learn the colors concept. 
Toddlers like to experience their world with the touch, sound, and play. With colors sheets, they are able to choose colors and scribble on a page. If you give the option to choose the crayons and tell them the colors while they hold the crayon that will help for their early colors education colors concept videos are such a pleasant learning colors concept education and it will always play the important role to keep your child attention constantly to learn colors.

Kid’s nursery rhymes on Colors:

In our kid’s nursery rhyme we keep introducing concepts that are related to the kids, toddlers, pre-schooler learning techniques of colors concept. In our kid’s nursery rhyme, our primary motive is to concentrate kids, toddlers, and the pre-schooler in different colors topics. Children love to watch histrionics of different animals. Kids always have fun and rejoice by seeing different actions of animals. 
In our kid’s nursery rhymes we use these types of animals to make our colors concepts for the interesting watch. And the signal crossing is one such important aspect of the day to day life. Children must aware of this signal crossing as early as in our kid’s nursery rhymes we created a concept around animal signal crossing with including the colors concept in this video.


One red color rabbit walks on the road, after seeing red colors squirrels crossing signals by walking elegantly red colors mouse waves her hand watches patiently.
One yellow color parrot walks and jumps on the roads suddenly stops by watching yellow colors ducks crossing the road with the funny walk and silly jumps.
One blue color squirrel runs on the road, suddenly stops her run by watching blue colors chicken crossing the road and waves her hand out of joy.
One green color chicken runs on the road, suddenly stops by watching green colors frogs crossing the roads with cute walk style.
One purple color squirrel runs on the road, suddenly stops her run by seeing purple colors mousse crossing the road with the stylish walk
One orange colors frogs run on the road suddenly stops by watching orange colors rabbits crossing the road with the lazy walk.
One brown color duck jumps as well as runs suddenly stop by watching brown color frogs crossing the road with the elegant walk style.
One pink color rabbit runs on the road, suddenly stops it run by watching pink color parrots crossing the road with the cute walk and waves her hand while watching patiently.


In our kid’s nursery rhyme, we take those concepts that bound to create some fun as well as color concept education. So, in our kid’s nursery rhymes, we developed the concept which is the combination of animals and day to day activities of our real life. 
In our kid’s nursery rhymes we take road crossings is our source material and developed the concept with antic, different walk styles of animals to only create some humor to get concentrated on color concept education to kids, toddler, pre-schoolers. Children get thrilled by an action of animals and they are readied to learn different colors with these funny and educative concepts.

Learn Colors With Chicken Pterodactyl and Color doughnuts | Kids Nursery Rhymes | Kids Songs


Color is the important aspect of day to day life of human being. For toddlers, kids, preschoolers it is the most common procedure which has to be taught as early as possible. Kids do not learn colors by own. They are exposed to colors and learn them from elders and teachers, parents. Home is the beautiful place to teach them colors. 

As earlier as your kids know their colors, the more connections they have I their mind and more conscious they will parents should always let their children stimulate in the environment in which kids can easily learn something about colors. Color concept videos and other tools which narrate colors in the smooth and absorbing way is need of the hour.

Kids nursery rhymes:

In our kid’s nursery rhymes we are dedicated to the concepts that are suitable for sensibilities of kids, toddler, preschooler. In our kid’s nursery rhyme, we are able to afford for those concepts which really grab the attention of kids and get them concentrated on color concept videos. 

With our nursery rhymes our color concept videos revolve around different kind of animals and different types of food items. One such animal kids love to watch is chicken, Pterodactyl and kids love to eat doughnuts. We kids nursery rhymes created the video by using chicken, Pterodactyl, and doughnuts to get maximum attention from children. 


A red color chicken comes to the oven table and does some warm up suddenly micro oven door opens up by seeing that red color chicken throws red color doughnut inside the micro oven. After some time red color doughnut bulges and the micro oven door shuts open. After that red color doughnut flies and lands on the plate in front of the micro oven. 

Then the very hungry red color chicken wants to eat it, but suddenly a red color pterodactyl flies to the table and picks the red color doughnut by her legs and flies away to the nest. Surprised by the sudden event a red color chicken gets so dejected and throws her hand with anger and gets frustrated very often. 

Meanwhile, red color pterodactyl places red color doughnut nearer to her baby and watches as it is swallowing entire red color doughnut. This process keeps on continue in following colors blue color, green color, yellow color, orange color, purple color, brown color, and pink color. 


Kids, toddlers, preschooler loves watching pterodactyl as it is one type of big animal which flies and roars, and chicken is the bird which walks so elegantly. The doughnut is favorite food item for children they love eating it. 

In kids nursery rhymes created a color concept by getting them together into one concept and generates some fun to get kids, toddlers, preschoolers attention and makes them ready to learn colors by the help of the whole concept. kids are very eagerly watching actions of these type of animals. So, they thoroughly enjoy the color concept and they will be educated about colors.

Learn colors with Frogs using Trampoline and Cherries | Kids Nursery Rhymes | Kids Songs


Childs ability to recognize colors generally improves around 18 months. At the same time toddler begins to notices similarities and differences in shapes, sizes, texture. But most children can name at least one by 36 months. In the meantime parents can teach them colors by practicing them with different picture books, nursery rhymes, color concept videos, graphical charts with different colors toddlers and kids will learn colors and they associate them with different objects fruits, animal, vehicles. So parent’s duty to induce their kids to a certain environment that toddlers and kids can concentrate and able to learn. 

Kids Nursery Rhymes on Colors:

In our kid’s nursery rhymes, we generally create videos for Kids, Children, Toddlers, Preschoolers by finding their sensibilities and their grasping power level to these color concept videos. In our kid’s nursery rhyme we usually create videos with recreational games like a trampoline. Animals together with trampoline will make sufficient fun as well as basic knowledge about colors.


A Red color frog walks elegantly on the open ground. Suddenly it notices one red apple on some wooden flank. The red color frog gets amused by this and wanted to grab it as she is in deep hunger. The red color frog then jumps on the wooden plank, but to her surprise, the spring attached to wooden flank throws the red color frog to up in the air the red color frog falls on the nearest red color trampoline but the spring action of trampoline throws it to another red color trampoline and this trampoline spring action throws it to another. Finally it falls on the red color flank nearer to the trampoline. But finally,y to her surprise the spring attached the red color flank throws the red color frog to the up. Finally red color frog lands on the ground it gets numbness and dizziness. After getting in to the normal condition it sees some more apples on the ground. By seeing the more apples on the ground it cheers it hands and go merry by waving and thumping her hand quiet often.


In our kid’s nursery rhymes, our motive is to get induced children in such a joyful environment where kids easily involved in color concept vithe deos with an ease. 
So in our kid’s nursery rhymes, we decided to take trampoline and frog is our teaching material. Trampoline is such a gamekid’s always enjoyed taking part of it. And the frog is such an animal kids and toddlers,pre-schoolerss relishes by watching their jump and their action.
So with our nursery rhymes, we developed concept by combining these two elements to have some fun as well as color concept education to kids.

Learn Colors with Squirrel Mouse | Play Soccer Ball | strawberries | Kids Nursery Rhymes | Kids Songs

For the Parents:

The effective use of the colors and graphical presentation can do wonders for your children or toddlers or pre-schoolers. Children invariably love to watch animation videos, charts, graphical styles, signs, and symbols.  
Naming colors area unit important to the educational technique and most vital aspect of the educational method, however, your kid might not be able to do it till he gets three years.
So, by introducing the nursery rhymes colors construct videos can provide boosting to your children or tot or kid to acknowledge colors simply.

Kids Nursery Rhymes on Colors with Squirrel and Mouse:

In our kid’s nursery rhymes channel, we tend to produce videos with totally different props sort of a ball, basketball, rugby ball, golf ball. Children sometimes excite by wiggling with these balls in open areas or in playgrounds. So, they simply get connected with these ball construct.
Therefore in our kid’s narration, we tend to produce videos to find out colors for youngsters with the assistance of ball and totally different animals like squirrel, mouse, rabbit, dog…etc combination.


A red mouse runs on open ground and a red color ball chases the red mouse. when a wise thinking, the red mouse jumps on air only to be landed on the highest of a red color ball. when performing some leveling act the red color mouse encounters some cherries within the basket near the ground. Therefore it decides to leap from the highest of red color ball and desires to achieve the cherries basket.
After landing on ground red color mouse go merry and dance like something like in a very heaven. Then it needs to achieve close to basket red color mouse notices there is a red color squirrel reposeful adjacent to the cherry basket.
So, it decides to approach basket with a slow walk and some noise. And as presently because it reaches the basket it picks one cherry and walks slowly but, by its dangerous luck red color squirrel reacts quickly and stares angrily towards the red color mouse. Anyway, red color mouse flees from the spot as red color squirrel smiles and enjoys the action of red color mouse totally.
The same construct follows entire video with totally different colors in following order brown color, yellow color, inexperienced color, purple color, blue color, orange color and pink color mouse and association football balls.


In our kid’s nursery rhymes we tend to follow the ideas that area unit extremely entertaining to grab the eye of youngsters or toddlers or pre-schoolers. 
So, our kid’s nursery rhymes produce videos with totally different animal and totally different props so children mechanically get engaged with the color ideas and that they able to see the total video of entire color ideas. Therefore this method can simply reinforce their color sense to some extent.

Learn Colors with Duck Eggs | Children Nursery Rhymes | kids nursery rhymes | learn colors rhymes | Kids Songs

For the Parents:

Teaching children colors need lots of patience. In order to help children a way to learn colors, folks should understand once to show colors, how kids learn colors and what folks have to be compelled to do for his or her children. Babies area unit typically tuned in to their and that they learn in no time. 
Toddler’s area unit significantly tuned in to their surroundings and their minds area unit developing and understanding the colors higher. The nipper is at an associate age they’re able to simply indicate multiple colors. Children in preschool area unit still at the educational stage even supposing they know the variations.

Kids Nursery Rhymes on Colors with Duck Eggs:

In this children nursery rhymes video, we tend to create a video for children to be told colors in a joyful manner.


On the associate island, there are 3 eggs. One egg within the middle is small in size compared to each egg either facet. Suddenly tiny egg shakes tentatively and large eggs either facet followed the suit. 
After one second 2 red color ducks take off of their Nutshell by breaking them. Both ducks relax their muscles and do some heat up, meantime tiny egg shakes, each duck gets horror-stricken and watches curiously what getting ready to happen next. 
One duck jumps to the highest of the egg and tries to interrupt it by booting with the assistance of each leg, however, it fails miserably.  The second duck additionally repeats identical act however it additionally fails miserably. 
Alter a short, while tiny egg shakes wildly to the shock of each duck and another red duck, comes out by breaking its shell to the surprise of each duck. Each duck shakes to the core and watches frustrated all the action and antics of latest duck. 
This whole state of affairs repeats in different colors of ducks Like Blue color, Yellow color, Orange color, inexperienced color, Purple color, Brown color, Pink color.


Children get pleasure from look ducks, thus in our kid’s narrative video, we determined to require duck as our supply content for this video to be told the colors in a straightforward method. 
Kids love all reasonably action and antics, histrionics of animals. thus by the assistance of ducks, they are able to focus on the video so we will make a case for colors in a funny manner with their due attention.

Rock n Learn Colors Shapes For Children Kids Toddlers | Kids Nursery Rhymes | Kids Songs

For the Parents:

Kids should always aware of shapes that usually they encounter in their day to day life. It is the duty of parents to teach them different kind of shapes they usually come across. For example, the roof of the house is triangle and table which we serve them the food is rectangular and the picture on the wall is in a square shape.
And the rock in the garden is an oval shape. And the moon that they daily enjoy by watching it is in circular each and everything in the universe is in one particular shape. So, kids and pre-schoolers should be acquitted to all these shapes around them

Kids Nursery Rhyme on Colors with Shapes:

In our kid’s nursery rhyme we always create videos for kids to notice different kinds of shapes. In our kid’s nursery rhyme we create videos with different animals which children love to watch this kind of animals. 
Kid’s nursery rhymes always work for the unique concepts for an interesting watch. Kid’s nursery rhyme creates concepts with the combination of animals and shapes.


A Red color duck runs on the red color circular shape by doing balancing job. A Blue color mouse walks stylishly only to encounter blue color square in her way. On wondering about blue color square shape blue color mouse decides to jump over it. And finally, it jumps over the square shape and walks away smoothly. 
A dejected Orange color rabbit walks slowly putting her head down suddenly orange color oval rotates and hits an orange color rabbit. Amazed by sudden incident orange color rabbit patiently waits until orange color oval slows down its rotation.
A Purple color squirrel lifts the purple color triangle and walks like a bodybuilder only to put it on the floor and waving the hand.  A green color parrot performs zigzag walk on the top of the green color rectangle. After complete zigzag walk and dance, it jumps from the green color rectangle and silently runs away. A Brown color squirrel ducks behind the brown color hexagon which is rotating slowly.


Children always enjoy by seeing different histrionics of animals. In our kid’s nursery rhymes we created a video to keep in mind how to teach shapes with various animals by enacting them with different shapes like Circle, Square, Oval, Triangle, Rectangle, Hexagon, Pentagon, Diamond, Heart shape…etc. Kids and pre-schoolers will always get overjoyed and take a glimpse of different shapes.

Learn Day Names With Dinosaurs and Animal Colors for children | Kids Nursery Rhymes | Kids Songs

For the Parents:

As a parent, it’s our duty to introduce weekday’s conception to our beloved youngsters. Once pre-schoolers flip the age three or four, he/she will ready to perceive and learn the times of the week. It’s terribly tough for several pre-schoolers as a result of they still do not know the conception of your time. 
However, once we have a tendency to ready to get them focused on mistreatment nursery rhymes, songs, activities, and funny videos associated with weekdays. Our pre-schoolers can learn the times of the week while not a lot of problem.

Kids Nursery Rhymes on Colors with Days:

In our kid’s nursery rhymes channel, we have a tendency to forever work for ideas that may certain facilitate increasing concentration levels of children, pre-schoolers.
In our kid’s nursery rhymes, our primary motive is to interact youngsters with these ideas like colors, shapes, weekdays, months, vehicles, nursery rhymes, fruits, vegetables. In our kid’s narrative website our aim is to show these topics in a stimulating manner.


A Red color squirrel jumps over the letters of Sunday and thumping her hand. Suddenly a red color archosaur taciturnly comes from the rear and roars. The red squirrel gets panic and taciturnly runs away by jumping from letters of Sunday.
A Blue color squirrel flexes her muscle drags letters of Mon. Suddenly a blue color archosaur comes from the rear and roars and blows the letters of Mon away.
A Red color squirrel dances sort of a queen before of letters of Tues, as letters of Tuesday scattering and obtaining upper side and drawback.
An Orange color squirrel walks stylishly on letters of Wed and falls from the highest. Associate Orange color squirrel jumps over letters of Wed flexes its muscle and walks away cheerfully.
A Purple color squirrel dances on the highest of letters of weekday and enacts as a painter.
A Brown color squirrel dances all the approach on the ground suddenly letters of Friday seems.
While a Pink color squirrel recreation and enjoying on the ground, the pink color archosaur taciturnly heading towards pink squirrel, however, suddenly letters of Sunday falls from the highest to their utter shock each archosaur and squirrel horror-stricken and walks far away from the spot.


Kids forever relish observance dinosaurs and their actions, therefore, in our kids’ narrative, we have a tendency to create a video to induce they engaged with dinosaurs and squirrels.
Squirrel is also the funny animal youngsters and pre-schoolers prefer to watch therefore in our kid’s narrative we have a tendency to developed a thought on an equivalent so dinosaurs and squirrels along offer a lot of fun and yet as data of weekdays to children.
With Our Kids Nursery Rhymes video kids are ready to learn the names of weekdays like Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

learn Colors With Dinosaurs Parrot Coconuts for Children | kids Nursery Rhymes | Kids Songs


When young kids go to any school, their knowledge of colors is tested. It is possible to start learning colors at an early age.
Kid’s at 2 years old can learn colors and build good learning abilities in their brain. For kids to notice the colors, they have to accumulate hundreds of information pieces that help them the concept of colors.
So, parents should put them in that environment that their kids, toddlers, pre-schoolers could be easily accessible to the colors concepts.

Kids Nursery Rhymes on Colors:

In our kid’s nursery rhymes we always work for different color concepts that kids can adjust to these color concepts. Our kid’s nursery rhymes usually develop color concepts with animals which kids love to watch and have fun with seeing their actions.
Dinosaurs are one such animal kids love their roar and their giant gate. Parrots also one kind of bird kids easily connect. So, our kid’s nursery rhyme take these two animals as color concepts tools to get involved in our color concept.


A Red color parrot lonely waits under the tree. Red color Parrot hurriedly walks left and right pretending some urgent work to do. Suddenly, a coconut falls on the red color Parrot head. Frightened by sudden event red color Parrot jumps back and comes to the normal position by rubbing its head.

After a while, red color Parrot decides to own the coconut by grabbing it. Red color Parrot walks silently towards the coconut, but to her surprise coconut started sliding another side. Puzzled by this red color Parrots thinks what really happening.

Actually, a red color Dinosaur drags the coconut by picking it with her mouth.  Shocked, by seeing red color Dinosaur, red color Parrot pleaded to leave her by prostrating in front of red color Dinosaur. The red color Dinosaur roars and leaves red color parrot by walking opposite side.

After knowing dinosaur left the site Parrot celebrates by thumping her hand but, to her shock red color Dinosaur went back, by knowing her come back sound red color Parrot performs a flash run.

This process repeats in following colors Blue Color, Green Color, Orange Color, Purple Color, Yellow Color, Brown Color, and Pink Color.


In our kid’s nursery rhyme we planned differently with the help of Dinosaurs and Parrots to get some attention from kids, toddlers, and pre-schooler.
So that we are able to teach different colors by taking sufficient time kids surely enjoy by watching dinosaurs and parrots act as well as they educate about different colors.

Learn Colors with Foot Ball | Animal With Soccer Ball For Children | Kids Nursery Rhymes | Kids Songs

For the Parents:

Children unremarkably learn colors throughout their educational institution years. Distinguishing colors could be a marker of their cognizance. Recognising and distinguishing the name of the color could be a very important role in youngster’s development. 

Of course, since the color is an element of day to day life, there are several opportunities to show the colors of daily life. One such chance makes them sit and expose them to kids nursery rhymes with colors, color ideas that square measure available in books, internet, videos associated with color ideas.

Kids Nursery Rhymes on Colors:

In our kid’s tale, we tend to produce ideas on colors with perfection and dedication. we tend to confine mind that children and tot usually get excited by fidgeting with balls in parks, taking part in areas and open lands. They like to watch soccerball, basketball, rugby ball. 

In our kid’s tale, we tend to develop those ideas associated with playing with balls. In our nursery rhymes rhymezone e tend to combine animals with balls to urge abundant recreation worth to our color ideas.


In this youngsters tale, we tend to create a video to be told colors for youngsters in any approach. In this video red color rabbit playfully walks within the open ground. All of fulminant a red soccer ball comes her approach. Red color rabbit thinks a way to handle the case. 

In the meantime, some red color hurdles keep coming back to her thanks to challenging her capability. Red color rabbit thinks of jumping the hurdles with the assistance of red color soccerball as hurdles keep coming back her approach. 

Then, the red color rabbit jumps on the red color ball in order that it bounces on high of red color hurdle and it keeps on bouncing until it clears all red color hurdles.

This method of jumping of hurdles goes on for following inexperienced color, orange color, purple color, yellow color, blue color, brown color, pink color.


Children, kids, toddler, child perpetually enjoys taking part in games outdoors in our kid’s nursery rhymes we tend to produce videos to their sensibilities.  

In our kid’s tale, we tend to use rabbits as supply material as youngsters love rabbits and their antics. Rabbits alongside a ball will do nice facilitate to their concentration levels and that they simply get glued to those colors thought videos.


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