Kids Rhymezone on Alphabets

In this rhymezone, animation site, Kids Nursery Rhymes on Alphabets, rhymezone, children or kids can learn Alphabets through Toys, Animals , ice creams, cakes, candies, soccer ball/football, basketball, wooden probes, donuts, balloons, Santa, cupcakes, cookies, bowling ball, Trains, airplanes, eggs, traffic signals, gift boxes, lolly pups, snow mans and vegetables.

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In this rhymezone Video, We have explained Alphabets through Fruits, Vegetables and Animals Combination.

A for Ant and A for Apple, 
B for Bear and B for Banana, 
C for Cat and C for Chicken, 
D for Duck and D for Donuts, 
E for Elephant and E for Egg, 
F for Frog and F for Flowers, 
G for Gorilla and G for Grapes, 
H for Horse and H for Honey, 
I for Ibis and I for Ice-cream, 
J for Jackal and J for Juice, 
K for Kangaroo and K for Kiwis, 
L for Lion and L for Lychee, 
M for Monkey and M for Money, 
N for Nightingale and N for Nuts, 
O for Ostrich and O for Orange, 
P for Parrot and P for Papaya, 
Q for Queen and Q for Quince, 
R for Rabbit and R for Radish, 
S for Squirrel and S for Strawberry, 
T for Tiger and T for Tomato,
U for Umbrella and U for Ugli-fruit, 
V for Vulture and V for Victoria plum, 
W for Whales and W for Watermelon, 
X for X-Ray and X for Xylophone, 
Y for Yak and Y for Yo-Yo,
Z for Zebra and Z for Zucchini.

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